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5:51 PM

Oops...that backfired

Posted by Brad Polley |

Conservative radio host Erich Mancow got waterboarded today on his radio show.  He did it to definitively prove that it wasn't torture.  Well, here's the video of it.  

In case you don't feel like watching it, here's what happened.  He lasted about three seconds before giving up and then declared it "absolutely torture."  Keep in mind, this was in a controlled environment, and he had the option to give up whenever he felt like it, and his conclusion was still that it was torture.  

I don't understand the argument that protecting our country from terrorists is an either/or proposition where we either torture in order to keep us safe, or the terrorists show up by the thousands with nukes strapped to them.  I might be "liberal," but I still love this country, and I refuse to let the country I live in sell out its ethics and morals in the name of security.  I can't, as a follower of Jesus, condone stuff like waterboarding.   


thebaysingerboy said...

how stupidly arrogant do you have to be in order agree to get waterboarded?

what an idiot...

Brad Polley, Esq. said...

yeah, i was thinking that too.