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7:44 AM

Salmonella and Jesus

Posted by Brad Polley |

I was flipping through my 15 channels this morning and idiotically stopped on a religious channel. Watching religious channels reminds me of walking through an amusement park, and you come across someone's pile of puke laying on the asphalt; it's sickening to look at, but, for some reason, you can't look away.  

This particular joke of a preacher was talking about the end times, because, hey, scaring the crap out of people really brings in the money.  He was going through a litany of things that are happening in the world and he spent a great deal of time talking about all of the salmonella cases in stuff like lettuce and peanut butter.  The best part of all this?  He was using these salmonella cases as proof that Jesus' return must be imminent.  He actually said, "Why is all this happening? Because it's biblical prophecy."  

That is some stunning biblical exegesis.  I was grateful for a good laugh this morning.